Thinking of managing your property yourself?


Wanting to rent out your property? But, where do you start?
It might seem easy but you don’t always know what you should do and what you shouldn’t.
How are you going to get the property ready to rent?
How much do you ask for rent? Are you asking too much or too little?
How are you going to market the property? Do you know what sites to put it on? How about paid
advertising, social media? Who is going to take the prospective tenant calls?
What about screening tenants? How are you going to screen for criminal background, credit and
How do you make sure they can afford your property?
Are you asking discriminatory questions?
The tenants you choose affect your bottom line
Are you going to do a move in walk thru to document the move in condition?
Do you know state laws?
How about security deposits and advanced rents and where they must be held?
Do you know how to make a security deposit claim?
What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay or breaks the rules?
How do you enforce the lease?
How about the lease?
Where will you get one? Is it airtight?
What if you have to evict the tenant?
Do you know how follow proper procedure and serve proper notices to evict the tenant
Will your lease stand up in court?
Do you know a good landlord/tenant lawyer? Who is going to file the paperwork?
Are you going to go to court and represent yourself?
Do you know the court rules and procedures?
What about repairs?
How are you going to handle the late night maintenance calls?
Are you going coordinate the back and forth with tenant and the vendor to schedule repairs?
Should you hire a licensed and insured vendor?
Are you going to fix it yourself? What happens if something goes wrong?
What happens if the tenant says there is MOLD?
What if the tenant skips out on the rent leaving you hanging? Are you going to hunt them down
to try and collect your money from them?
Once the property is vacant you have to get the property ready to rent again, starting this
process all over again.
What is your time worth?
If your head is aching and your heart is pounding then it’s time to call Modern Day Property
Management. We are a full service professional property management company.
You don’t have to worry because we handle properties from the individual landlord to investors
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With transparent pricing and modern technology, combined with our years of experience, your
investment is in good hands.
We get your home rented in no time.
We will collect the rent
Manage repairs
Enforce the lease
While you have a piece of mind.
Just sit back and relax while we deposit the rent directly into your bank account each month.
We are your source for true hands off, stress free, real estate investing.
Real estate investing builds wealth and having the right partner helps you obtain the freedom
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If you are thinking of managing a property yourself, please watch our video, and then give us a call. We will give you a no hassle, free consultation on how to maximize your return with our management services.